Tuesday, December 14, 2010

dear my love

date: 14 December 2004
venue: board meeting room Syarikat Amal Jariah
time: 10.30am

"buzz.... buzz... buzz" handphone petito on vibration mode. caller ID: home sweet home. mak call!
alamak! macamana nak jawab? CEO tengah cakap. kejap lagi le call balik. habis meeting ni.
meeting adjourned. owh! ada site visit.
date: same day
venue: boss' room
time: approximately 5.30 pm
update progress blablabla...
reminder: habis discussion must call mak!
handphone bunyi. caller ID: no telefon jiran kat pilahdelphia.
"dik, mak kau pengsan. kita dah antar hospital..."
"bos, excuse me.... ada urgent call"
handphone bunyi lagi....
"dik, mak kau dah takde............................................"
mak.... i should have picked up your call! i should have returned to your call!
i will never get to listen to her voice anymore. when she wanted to talk to me at her very last hours, i was not there..... big regret in my life!

video credit to: donslyde1

today is her 6th years. i am down with fever, miss her so much! she left us peacefully, quietly. sudden death (not sudden actually), it was written on Lo Mahfuz. on that day, we were busy with our daily activities, working! meeting! just to make other people richer.
i keep this sorrow for years. i do not have the courage to attach to any organisations anymore except on our own. own time, at our pleasure, but we never know what future brings. we are not rich, but i can't afford to see my loved ones leaving us, while we are busy making money for others!
dear mak,
good bye love, hope we will meet again in Jannah (amin). semoga kuburmu sentiasa terang dan lapang. semoga Dia mengasihimu sepertimana mak mengasihiku ketika kecil. jika ada amal kebajikan yang ku lakukan, jadikanlah ia semua pembuka jalan untukmu ke Syurga, mak... Al-Fatihah.


Tijah said...


lynn said...

=( salam takziah.

nak tepon mak skrg

Petito said...

tijah & lynn: tima kasih. we don't know what we miss until we lost it...