Thursday, February 26, 2009

dah jemu...

Every blank in my mind
Turn to color on seeing you
And the desire to have you
Is more strong, is more strong
I only want you to take me
By the hand on the path
And through the forest
That divides our lives
There are so many things
That I like about you today
Me enamora
Que me hables con tu boca
Me enamora
Que me eleves hasta el cielo
Me enamora
Que de mi sea tu alma soƱadora

It makes me fall in love
That you speak to me with your mouth
It makes me fall in love
That you elevate me to the heavens
It makes me fall in love
That your dreamer's soul be mine
The hope of my eyes
Without you, my life has no meaning
Without you, my life is like a whirlpool of ashes that escape
I don't know if I deserve you
All I know is that I still wish
For you to give light to my life
In its days ahead

Read my lips wellI tell it to you very slowly
For the rest of my days
I want to be your company

Hay tantas cosas
Que me gustan hoy de ti

There are so many things
That I like about you today....

dah jemu, okeyh!!! :+))

selamat menjamu dengar, ni petito dedicate untuk reader petito... tak sempat nak update n3 arini coz nak balik jb, esok petito nak menjamu nasi rawon plak kat jb... yeaaahaaaa... jb here i come... ahaks. cheers~


Tijah said...

rawon...rawon. bilo kau nak stat diet ni petito?

Petito said...

tij, dah diet la tu....

ko tengok apo yang petito makan tu haaa....

Tijah said...

weyyy!!! sosej tu la paling tinggi koles eh wehhhh! hahaha